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Current COVID rules

Updated: Jul 8, 2021

The club will of course be following the latest guidelines from British Fencing. Please see below for the changes currently required by British Fencing to allow for adaptive indoor fencing at club level.

* Attendance at any session will be restricted to a maximum of 20 persons in order that the club complies with the capacity cap, of 9.29 square meters per person imposed by the government.

* You should not attend any session if you are feeling unwell or you have been requested to self isolate.

* Social distance measures will be in place both in the fencing area and the entrance area. Fencers should use the entrance “atrium” to store fencing bags and should only enter the gym when fencing or refereeing.

* Face coverings are strongly advised throughout the venue when not fencing and are optional when fencing. The use of mask liners is suggested.

* Referees are advised to wear a face covering if practical, depending on the volume of the venue. Hand signal as always will help.

* Sanitising protocols will be in place and details will be published in the fencing area at each session.

* Close quarter fencing and fleche attacks are allowed, but some additional criteria apply.

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