What should you bring to your first session?

T-shirt or other light top and tracksuit bottoms - the club will provide all the necessary protective clothing. Jeans are too heavy to fence in, and the pockets can catch the point of a sword, which is dangerous.  Shorts are a definite no-no, as they leave the legs unprotected.

Non-marking trainers or court shoes - running shoes will also be fine, but the soles can be a little thick when your footwork gets faster after a few months.

Bottle of water or squash - you will lose fluid, so you need to drink.  We have a water fountain in case you forget.

You don’t need any fencing-specific equipment to start with.  The club can supply all the protective gear you need, but of course if you have some already, feel free to bring it along and we’ll take a look at it.  

It's best to steer clear of eBay and similar places for second-hand fencing gear, the safety rules have changed in the last few years and we have seen many unsuitable (or even simply dangerous) items for sale.