For the beginner, all equipment can be provided, including necessary protective clothing. We also have electric weapons and scoring equipment for all three weapons, which can be used in practice and in competitions, if and when you feel you are ready.

Many members decide to buy their own equipment, but one word of caution, second-hand kit from places like eBay can be the wrong type, or can have defects which aren’t obvious unless you know what you’re looking at.  Also, most clothing made before 2006 can’t be used due to modern safety regulations.

If you want to buy kit, feel free to ask us for details.  Suppliers will generally be helpful too, and will not sell you what you don’t need.

The Club Armourer is Simon Axon, who is a member of the BFA Guild of Armourers. Although he doesn't fence at the moment, he turns up most weeks, so if you have any questions about your equipment he will gladly help out.  Repair work is usually free for club members, unless you need an expensive part replacing.  Foil and epee rewires will be done for (good) beer...